Not ready to be blackmailed by Me just yet? Yet, the thought of tributing a magnificently strong and powerfully Dominant Black Goddess appeals to you?

I know there is nothing quite like that electrifying frisson as you press 'pay' and your credit card balance suffers for My benefit.

Oh imagine the pure joy, slave, of serving Me in a tangible way. you might receive polite thanks, you might be rewarded, you might even quite simply be totally ignored.

There are two options: 

The first is to e-mail Me at and tell Me how much you want to pay -I will then send you payment instructions.

The other is to commit to making more regular payments. you may adopt one of My bills for a fixed period of time, or if you really are developing into a fully fledged money-slave perhaps you would prefer to enter a contract to pay Me a monthly sum, again for a fixed period of time.

This type of contract will suit those of you who are real paypigs or those edging towards blackmail but want to try something a bit less demanding first.

If you want to adopt a bill or commit to making regular payments, you will need to complete the FINANCIAL DOMINATION APPLICATION FORM.