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Happy Birthday...To Me!

Dear Readers
As well as keeping very busy dealing with My slaves and enjoying a varied and stimulating 'vanilla' life, I will be celebrating an important date on Thursday 16th April - My birthday! This is a great opportunity for you to show your appreciation by buying Me something, be it big or small, from My Amazon Wish List, which may be found HERE.
Do not worry if you only read this after My birthday,as gifts received after the 16th will be equally welcome. I genuinely enjoy receiving your gifts and it is a very useful way of serving Me and showing Me that you acknowledge My status as a Supreme and powerful Black Dominatrix.
Until next time, slaves, admirers and followers.
Madam Divine

Spring Is Coming...

Greetings readers,

The seasons turn and as the vernal equinox ushers in spring where 'a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love' I am anticipating, as the debts of the festive season are repaid, many a young (or not so young) slave's fancy seriously turns to thoughts of financial servitude!

Having waxed poetic, I want to once again talk about time-wasters. The blatant 'trying to get a cheap thrill' type are obvious and although a nuisance are easily weeded out. There is, however, another group of wannabe slaves whom are more troublesome. Typically, a potential  slave makes what seems to be, and may indeed be, a serious enquiry but then disappears into the mist as soon as I remind them I demand an initial modest tribute before engaging further.

What I want to emphasise in this blog entry is that I am not some sort of 'bargain basement' Dominatrix whom is so desperate for cash I will chase any enquiry with enthusiasm! In fact the opposite is true. I am highly selective in whom I allow to serve Me and regard Myself as very much 'up market'.

Serving Me is expensive and if you cannot afford to pay, simply stay away! If you cannot afford My initial tribute, which is no more than the cost of a meal for two without drinks at a low to mid-priced restaurant, then you are looking in the wrong place. I compare serving Me to having a highly sophisticated and expensive hobby. Think of the money a successful man may spend, for example, on golf, or travel, or cars. Serving Me falls within that category of indulgence. Of course I do accept genuine slaves whom can only pay relatively modest amounts. But by 'relatively modest' I mean they are certainly affluent enough to pay My initial tribiute without blinking an eye! If you cannot afford the initial tribute, save U/us both time and please don't bother to contact Me.

I know, as experience has shown it to be the case, I am the ideal financial Dominatrix for those seeking the 'full' experience of serving an utterly charming, well mannered and educated (yet extremely sadistic) powerful Black dominatrix. So if any of you reading this find My words strike a chord and you are tempted to engage with Me, I invite you to do so without delay, providing of course you are not one of the time-wasters I have just described!

Other news from Me? I continue to work on My book based on My real life experiences as a financial Dominatrix and consensual blackmailer and continue to be involved in many projects, both relating to My slaves and also My Personal life (and, yes, I do have one!).

Until next time.

Madam Divine  

A Bite Out Of The Big Apple

Hello slaves.

A fascinating outcome, following mMy last diary entry, regarding My slave from NY whom tried to 'disappear' by saying he had a heart attack, only for Me to discover he was in the best of health. The combination of the diary entry plus a 'warning shot' of a, shall we say, 'interesting' email to one of his contacts soon brought him back in line, realising he really had no choice but to meet all My demands. I am tough, but fair, and he had willingly signed up to a comprehensive contract that he could only escape by invoking his expensive get out clause. This he did, and as soon as he started playing fair with Me, I played fair with him and after he paid Me all he owed, plus some unsolicited extras (including a beautiful pair of boots I had wanted for ages) W/we parted on the most amicable terms. I kept to My word and have now destroyed everything I held about him.

In the past I have been reluctant to deal with slaves from the USA as so many turn out to be time-wasters. I am beginning to revise that opinion because as well as slave p (see above) I was approached by another slave from the USA whom was enquiring about blackmail but was not sure. In the end he decided to pass for now but I feel sure he will be back. The reason I had no problem in dealing with him is that he was courteous and respectful at all times and, more importantly, paid Me generously for My time as W/we discussed options. I have no issues in dealing with such a slave, even if he ends up not entering any longer term arrangement with Me. It is those looking for a cheap thrill but whom never pay a cent that irritate Me to the bone.

Other news is that I have received many smaller gifts and tributes from a number of slaves. These are always most welcome and have been put to very good use, so a big thank you to you all from Me.

I am in a very upbeat and buoyant mood just now. Everything is going well and the changes I recently made to My website has generated a lot of traffic and enquiries. I still have capacity to take on new slaves so whether you simply wish to make a small one-off tribute or are ready for something much more exciting and challenging, do get in touch.

That is all for now, but do keep visiting for diary and other updates.

Madam Divine

New York, New York...

Well, dear readers, a most interesting update! A newish slave, after a most promising start in which he signed up for a full year, is trying to do a runner! After virtually begging Me to be his 'financial sadist' he chickened out when that is exactly what I became.

he even made up having a heart attack (the number of times I have heard that one!) and being hospitalised. he seemed most healthy though when, a few hours after his 'hospitalisation' he answered his phone when I called from an unidentifiable number (and yes slave p that was Me!).

The problem (for him) is that he has given Me some very incriminating photographs and information that I think will horrify his family, friends and business associates (think LinkedIn connections) when they see them.

I have already sent a gentle and almost (not quite) innocent email to one of his contacts which is a start but by no means the end.

Maybe I will post one of his incriminating pictures here next, with the face obscured, or maybe not? Perhaps his mobile number too in case anyone would like to have a nice friendly chat with him?

Watch this space!

Madam Divine


Happy New Year to you A/all!

I have been thinking for some time about including a blog on My website and what better time to launch a blog than the beginning of a New Year, so here goes.

2014 was a really good year for Me, a lot of new slaves, many interesting and profitable encounters, both on-line and in real time and altogether satisfying. But 2015 is going to be even better.

Have a good look around My website which has just been updated, revamped and generally improved.

The year has started with a fabulous interview with Sinsearch which may be found HERE.

This year I am going to really focus on nurturing and developing a small elite group of blackmail slaves. Entry to My 'inner circle' will not be easy (or cheap) but if you are lucky enough to gain admission you will have unprecedented access to My attention, energy and time. My great passion is detailed, involved and intense blackmail scenarios and that is the area where I excel like no other. So many slaves with wide and varied experience have testified I am head and shoulders above anyone else they have ever encountered when it comes to consensual blackmail so act now by making an application from My website, and become one of the lucky ones.

Having said My focus is going to be on elite blackmail, that does not mean I will be ignoring those whom wish to serve Me in a less committed but still very real and welcome way. So I continue to encourage money-pigs, slaves wanting to adopt a bill or those wishing to simply make a one-off tribute.

One last piece of news for now. A certain slave robert from Sweden recently really pissed Me off in a major way. I published all the information I had on him on My 'name and shame page'. he thought he could mess with Me (for a second time as it transpired), how wrong he was and only by quickly paying a substantial chunk of cash did he get the information removed in a matter of hours and stop his dirty secrets becoming known to the world. he could not pay all I demanded at once and unless I get what he owes Me in full and on time, his details will be going back up on January 26th! So time-wasters be warned, just don't!

More soon.

Madam Divine

PS Still looking for a meaningful New Year's resolution? Why not make it serving Me, the Ultimate Black Financial Dominatrix and Consensual Blackmailer!

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